For every Ten Black Men, One is Locked Up.


     For every Ten


Black Men


is locked up

The Importance of Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is a non-partisan effort to insure the rights of ALL Americans. For decades, bureaucrats abused the criminal justice system and it’s time we end these abuses.

Laws are necessary and established to protect the public. But when those laws are applied unequally, the results are devastating.

According to the Criminal Justice Fact Sheet published by the NAACP, even though blacks make up only 13 percent of the population in America, blacks make up 34 percent of the total correctional population. Blacks in America are incarcerated at more than five (5) times the rate of whites. The NAACP estimated that if blacks and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rate as whites, prison and jail populations would decline by almost 40 percent.

Almost all major cities in America showcase criminal justice inequities. But criminal justice reform is not just a black and white issue.

For example, cities all across America violate “equal protection” of American citizens by releasing criminal illegals for the same crimes for which many citizens are incarcerated. These cities hide behind the cleverly marketed term of “sanctuary cities”, disguising their miscarriages of justice.

In Philadelphia, a city that declared itself a “sanctuary city”, we polled over 120,000 black for their opinions on criminal justice reform and the city’s violation of equal protection for its citizens. The results were as follows:

2 percent response would be considered fantastic, and we received an 8.23 percent response, well over 400 percent of “fantastic” results. More importantly, over 33 percent of respondents visited the website and declared they want their voices to be heard.

Clearly criminal justice reform is a critical issue in the black community. But its also a critical issue for America. Americans must believe in our criminal justice system. We will continue to do our part to educate Americans about the facts.

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